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Curent Conditions valid at 5:10 Wed 27 Apr 2022

12.7°C 12.9°C 87% --- 0 km/h 2 km/h 0.0 mm -

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A selected range of forecast data that provide more information than the general public forecast for those requiring more indepth information.

For detailed forecasts for the Pakenham area, please refer to Pakenham Weather's Facebook Page.

NOTE: Some of the following images and links are derived from raw Numerical Weather Prediction model data that has not been checked by forecasters and as such, may be innacurate.

BoM 5 Day Outlook

Source: Willy Weather

BoM Detailed 7 Day Forecast

Source: OzForecast

Meteoblue Meteogram
Meteoblue Meteogram

Source: Meteoblue

Windyt USGFS Graphical Forecasts

Source: Windyt

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BoM ACCESS-R NWP Charts and Meteograms via Cloud Free Night
Meteoblue AirGram via Windyt
Bureau of Meteorology Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts
US GFS Dynamic Tropopause Analysis
Bureau of Meteorology Operational Consensus Rainfall Forecast
Bureau of Meteorology Mean Sea Level Pressure Analysis
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