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Sponsorship Opportunities

Pakenham Weather is a voluntary, non-profit community organisation that provides local weather information to the Pakenham community. Pakenham Weather was established as a means of contributing to the local community and as such, wishes to promote local businesses, services and organisations via non-intrusive advertisements on the Pakenham Weather website. If you would like to advertise on the website or if you simply appreciate the service that we deliver to the local community, we would welcome your voluntary, non-tax deductable donation via PayPal that will assist with the running of Pakenham Weather.

All voluntary non-tax deductable donations made will go towards supporting the operation of Pakenham Weather on a cost recovery basis which includes:

  • cost recovery and maintaining of the Pakenham Weather website including domain name registration and web hosting;
  • running of the Pakenham Weather Facebook page;
  • maintain the operation of the weather station;
  • improve the operation of the weather station by adding sensors including solar radiation and UV sensors, fan-aspirated radiation shield and weather camera;
  • upkeep of computer systems that power the website and weather station including system recovery and redundancy.

How it works?
Your business, service or organisation's logo or advertisement will appear on the Pakenham Weather website as a non-intrusive advertisement that, upon clicked by the user, will link to your nominated website or Facebook page.

How much does it cost?

Advertising on the Pakenham Weather website does not attract any fee or ongoing charges and is offered as a service to promote local business, services and organisations. We would however appreciate a purely voluntary and non-tax deductable donation to support the running and cost recovery of Pakenham Weather services.

Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking on the following button:

Why you should advertise with us
Not only will you be supporting your local Pakenham community weather organisation, you and your business, service or organisation will also be visible to potential local community customers who frequent the Pakenham Weather website. Weather is unique in that everyone is interested in the local weather as it impacts almost everybody's day-to-day activities in one way or another! Did you know that weather is one of the most commonly googled words in Australia? Unlike many other static websites that show only the same content, members of the local community revisit the website to obtain up-to-date weather information. By having your logo or advertisement on the Pakenham Weather website, you can increase the visibility and advertising of your brand to a targeted, local audience and potential customer base.

Technical Requirements

Your business, service or organisation's logo/graphic/advertisement will be displayed as a 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high image.

For simplicity and to make the process as easy as possible for you, we can scan or resize your existing logo/graphic to suit the website requirements.

Interested or have any further questions?

Please contact us by email or by phoning us to discuss your interest further.